Elevate Television Media Purpose

We exist to fulfill many purposes  which we have categorized them in three main purpose as outlined here below

Our Objectives

Our Vision

To become a CREDIBLE VOICE that shape mindsets and ELEVATE the truth to the nations

Our Mission

To disseminate information and insights that will empower, inspire, refresh and equip citizens to live meaningful lives

We shall make use of our audience’s relevant and creative feedback, our people’s innovations and talents to give quality service that will remain consistently beneficial to our stakeholders and achieve sustainable growth

Our Short Story

Background Information

Elevate TV  is a Kenyan based television based in Nairobi Kenya. We broadcasts in locally produced and imported content in English and Kiswahili languages. As Elevate TV Channel we  provide  television media outreach to minister and build lives in the kingdom of God, in the nation of Kenya and beyond. 

We are inspired by our achievements in deploying programs in the following channels: LIGHT OF LIFE BROADCAST for 10 years through GBS TV, Truth FM, Kingdom TV and MBCI TV.  Our bedrock organization, Life church International and her related ministries, have been a strong pillar committing funds for the gospel outreach where millions of lives have been reached and ministered to through the Television and Radio ministry. We feel obliged to meet the needs of our viewership listeners that are of diverse religious, social and economic backgrounds in Kenya and the region

We run our church investments through UZIMA INVESTMENT LIMITED which is the entity that run ELEVATE TELEVISION. ELEVATE is a terminology used to represent the idea of lifting things to positions spheres of influence. The ELEVATE TV  takes its place in the spheres of influence among families, policy leadership, business community, finance and education arena, including religion to enrich and strengthen these vital pillars of society. We  disseminate information and insights that will empower, inspire, and equip citizens to live meaningful lives at peace with one another

ELEVATE TV dispenses both live and pre-recorded shows covering diverse educational, business and cultural programming that  meets the growing target audience demands.  We also  put our viewer’s interest as our primary focus and tailor our aspirations and values in congruent with our client’s goals and expectations. We are open to our client’s and viewer’s views and get our professional acts together to establish and maintain accountability and high broadcast standards

Our technical capacity and usage of ICT resources is harmonized to carry our programs that  ensures our workflows in a seamless operation. We always enhance this capability to ensure that our initiatives and programs do not suffer as we build our market niche-ship and grow service quality. 

The talents and skills of our people is  the primary vehicle that drive our business mission and vision pathways towards success. In this regard, we  seek creative and skilled people from around the country with potential to deliver world class TV quality that is also tailored to the local viewership. The aim is to inform, inspire and entertain our views and listener to bring out maximum penetration and satisfaction

We fulfil our mission primarily by promoting a morally sound culture founded on Christian faith and patriotism that is spread to all nations and regions where the Kenyans live. We hope to influence those other that live among us as business people, missionaries, tourists, students or immigrants. 

Elevate TV Media fights to obtain and air clean content that  encourages unique talents and encourage a global outlook.  Included in the package is the showcase and promotion of Kenya as one the region’s leading and Africa’s tourist hub